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1650 x 1750mm Level Dec Advance


The level deck is the simplest way to create a wet floor shower. It is essentially a moulded base which is set into the floor and directs used water from the shower to the supplied gully. The Level Dec advance includes a revolutionary drainage feature that allows the installer to rotate the drainage point through 360to any position to avoid the joist.
  • Designed to withstand a load of 40st,
  • Lifetime warranty,
  • 22mm Depth (Depth of a standard floorboard)
  • Suitable for concrete, timber and floating floors,
  • Top accessible gully,
  • Can be trimmed and reversed depending on sizes,
  • To be used with waterproof vinyl flooring.
Max shower area - 1650 x 750mm
Trimable area - up to 30mm on perimeters,

For installation instructions see -

  • Model: LDA 53
  • Shipping Weight: 11lbs
  • Manufactured by: Impey

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